After Building Cleaning

You want to move into a space that’s clean, healthy, and in a word, immaculate. 


Construction crews will clean up most dust and debris, but there will still be fine dust throughout the area and in every crevice and crack. 


Our post construction cleaning and post remodel cleaning services will take care of everything floor to ceiling with the same high luxury standards as our Residential, Commercial and Office services. 


You’ll enter a perfect environment, meticulously clean with no construction or cleaning odors.


With a single call, we’ll take on full responsibility for all aspects of post-construction cleaning down to the finest of details.


The first priority is thoroughly removing construction dust from living spaces, garages, and basements. 


We’ll then proceed with cleaning services floor to ceiling with complete interior detailing. 


Our professional cleaners are specialist in cleaning all types of different surfaces maintaining Bright Star Cleaning highest standards.

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